Hip and Groin Pain

Hip and bum painHip and groin pain when running aren’t quite as common as knee and foot pain, but they can still cause a problem for many runners. There are some really big muscles in this area which are so important in the running form, that it’s no surprised they complain from time to time! Because the pain often feels deep in the hip, many runners become concerned they have damaged the hip joint itself, but this is rare. It’s more likely that its a deep muscle located under the more superficial glutes, or even one of the superficial ones referring the pain deeper into the hip or groin.

Here are my 5 most common hip and groin problems for runners. Piriformis syndrome is by far the most common one which can cause a variety of symptoms. Myofascial pain in the glutes is also common, but often isn’t bad enough for runners to class an injury – more of an ache or dull pain which can be run through.

Conditions Causing Hip and Groin Pain in Runners

Piriformis Syndrome
Piriformis syndrome is a condition which causes sciatic pain radiating from the buttocks and often down the back or side of the leg, sometimes as far as the calf….more

Hip Bursitis
Bursitis is an inflammatory condition of one of the small sacks of fluid which surround the outer hip….more

TFL Pain
TFL is short for Tensor Fascia Latae. This is a small muscle on the outer hip which attached inferiorly into the IT band. Trigger points in this muscle can cause hip pain which refers down the outer thigh….more

Myofascial Pain in the Buttocks
Myofascial pain is an aching, dull pain which usually refers pain elsewhere – typically into the hip and down the leg….more

Hamstring Origin Tendinopathy
Hamstring origin tendinopathy (aka tendonitis / tendinitis / tendinosis) is a degenerative condition affect the upper tendons of the three hamstring muscles which causes a pain in the butt crease!….more

Groin Injuries in Runners
I don’t find that groin injuries are that common in road runners, but every now and again one will crop up!….more

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