Injury Prevention

The best injury cure is injury prevention. The quote ‘the best cure is prevention’ is true in most of life and especially when it comes to running injuries. So many running injuries are down to training errors which could easily be avoided; a lack of stretching after your run or warm-up pre-run; No strength training to enhance your running technique; and wearing inappropriate footwear. And these are just a few examples where a runners injury prevention strategy could be improved.

Injury prevention - injuries can be avoided by following these tipsSimilarly, the persistence of the runner is another cause of injury! We are a tough old lot and often opt for trying to ‘run through’ a niggling pain, rather than resting and getting it checked out sooner rather than later. Many of us will continue to run until we just can’t run anymore before we seek help.
So, with all of this in mind, here are my top tips for running injury prevention!

Injury Prevention for Runners

Gait Analysis
This is something that I do believe every runner should have done when they first start out running. It is most commonly used to look at the foot and ankle complex to help determine what sort of running shoes best suit your feet, but should also….more on gait analysis for injury prevention

Running Shoes
What kind of shoes you where are vitally important to help you avoid injury. They should be suitable for your foot type and the terrain you are running on. You should also ensure that you….more on running shoes

Rest & Recovery
Getting enough rest and allowing enough recovery between runs is my next important tip. It is during this time that our bodies recover, repair and grow and in my eyes it is just as important as the….more on rest & recovery in running training programs

Strength training should be performed between 1 and 3 times a week to help ensure that your legs, hips, back and core are strong enough to allow you to run at your most efficient. Weakness in these areas lead to….more on strengthening exercises for runners

Most of us don’t spend enough time stretching. There are certain muscle groups which typically get tight in runners and also groups that are particularly bad for each of us individually. Don’t just….more on stretching exercises for runners

Training Techniques
If you are new to running, follow a couch to 5K program or similar to make sure you progress at the right speed without overdoing it, which is easy when you first start. If you’re not so new – mix it up….more on training techniques and errors

Warm-up / Cool-down
Both are massively overlooked, often due to tight schedules which see us dashing off the work and squeezing a run in wherever we can. Skipping either of these important parts can easily lead to injury….more on warm-ups and cool-downs for runners

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