Disappointment – For Now!

As you may recall, myself and Mr D have been training for a half marathon. My second attempt at the distance (last one back in 2008) and with the aim of finishing in under 2 hours. You may also remember that I had been battling a case of Tibialis Posterior Tendinopathy (see Injury Strikes!).

So to carry on from where I left off – I had a gait analysis at the local Sweat Shop (find your nearest store here: http://www.sweatshop.co.uk/) which showed I am still a pretty neutral runner and if anything my left foot (the healthy one!) overpronates a tad more than my right! So my relatively new running shoes aren’t really a suspect in the case!

I continued to rest and work on my flexibility and eccentric control until pain free. We started back running with 6 weeks to go until race day and completed 6, 8 and 10 mile runs with no real problems. In the interest of not overworking the tendon and just completing the race we decided to only run one long run a week and to do a shorter treadmill interval session in the week.

We decided to go for 12 miles two weeks before the big day, on a very warm and sunny Sunday morning. All started well, but at about 5 miles I started to feel a cramping, tight pain under the sole of my foot – not the same inner ankle location as before. It was bearable and didn’t increase so I carried on, conscious that I wanted to get the distance done to prove to myself that I could do it.

Well – we did it….but sacrificed being able to walk properly for a good few days in the process! As soon as I stopped the pain got worse and I was limping around fairly – which was even worse the next day!lateral foot pain

I took myself off to see a local Osteopath as I was pretty confused as to what was causing it. The pain was located under the outer aspect of the sole of the foot around the base of the 4th/5th MT’s and Cuboid bones. No pain at all whilst rested, but as soon as I put my foot down, there it was.

The Osteopath checked for Stress fractures which seemed ok (despite me nearly kicking him in the face when he pressed in on my cuboid!). He also checked my Cuboid for subluxation – but again this was fine. The conclusion was simply soft tissue inflammation / micro-tears and maybe a little bone bruising. The advice was to rest for a week and it would more than likely improve. Then to try a short run before race day, but not to push it.

I duly followed the instructions and it did improve a lot – three days later I was walking normally again. So the following Tuesday I tried 20 minutes on the treadmill. But instantly the pain came back and it felt as though I had something under the arch of my foot which shouldn’t be there. I actually stopped, took my trainer off and checked!

However, just this short run sent me back to hobbling for a day or two, so we made the decision at that point not to do the run on Sunday. Given the disjointed training it seemed unlikely I would beat my target of under 2 hours so not worth pushing my body into something it clearly didn’t want to do! It’s a shame and we were really disappointed, but the plan now is to let it rest for 4-6 weeks and then start up again and see how we go.

I actually had a Chiropractor take a quick look last night too and he agrees the bones are all fine and it appears to be soft tissue related. Peroneal attachment to the 5th MT was his suggestion! Whatever the cause, rest is on the cards for now, with lots of stretching and massage, and inversion/eversion strengthening followed by a very gradual return in a few weeks!

Moral of the story – Pushing yourself from 6 miles to 12 miles in 4 weeks is not advisable!

4 thoughts on “Disappointment – For Now!

  1. Hello Heidi,

    I came across your website while looking for information on posterior tibial tendinopathy. How are you doing with rehabbing yours? I’m not sure that I do have PTT, but I had pain in that area today on a short and easy run. I believe it coincided with wearing a pair of trainers I haven’t worn in a few weeks. I have been wearing my long run shoes only, which have more cushioning because of a cranky left big toe. I wanted a little more cushioning until it felt better. It was, so I went out in my other pair which aren’t minimalist, but they are definitely less shoe than my more cushioned long run trainers. And lo and behold, I wound up with pain on the inside of my right foot below my ankle bone. I it was very sudden and happened at about half way through my 3 mile run. I walked back home, put my long run shoes on and decided to see if I could finish the last bit of my run. I hardly felt anything and was able to complete it easily after switching to the shoes my feet have been used to the last few weeks. Is it likely that I just overworked something in my foot a little bit? Or should I be more worried that it might be PTT? Thanks!


    1. Hi Allison
      Sorry for the delay in responding to you. How have things progressed with your ankle?
      My PTTD has cleared up nicely after a little rest and rehab.


    2. Hi Allison,

      How is your foot healing? A couple of days ago I did the same thing you just did by going on a run in shoes I don’t normally run in. I’ve been training for my 2nd official half marathon and I run in minimalist shoes on my long distance. Thursday evening I thought I could wear my pair of more traditional cushioned running shoes I only wear to core training class and save my foot until Sunday’s half marathon race. I struggled on my run wearing the cushioned shoes for only a 3 mile run, it actually made me work harder on 3 miles than I normally run in my minimalist. Friday morning I did my last 3 miles til marathon day in my minimalist. I started feeling a very sharp pain on the outer side under my foot. I could walk a bit, but just very uncomfortable. Saturday I stayed off my foot did some icing, massage rolled it and some stretches. Sunday morning it felt great with no pain. I ran through my whole half marathon pain free, a hour after my run man that pain just shot up quick and hurting. Now I can barely walk around. I got some x-rays yesterday making sure I didn’t fracture any bones. Everything came back fine and was told maybe I just strained some tissue and muscle. I was thinking the whole time what had just happen. I’ve been doing months of hard training and very long distance runs that my foot couldn’t have been taken out by a short 3 mile run. I saw this article about Heidi’s experience when I was doing some researching and saw your comment saying almost the same thing I just did. I hope both of you ladies have recovered from your foot injuries. Are there any kind of recovery tips that you both have learned? Thank you Heidi for the article.


      1. Thanks for the comment. My particular experience I think was the Peroneal tendons under the foot. I believe the excess stress on them to actually be coming from a hip weakness / imbalance that I have struggled with for a long time which causes my knees to fall in when running and then my peroneals to work overtime to slow the resulting pronation.


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