So Far So Good!

we are completing interval sessions on the treadmillSorry for the lack of both blog posts and tweets lately. Things have been crazy busy in my clinic in the last couple of weeks so time to do anything else has been rare! Other than running, of course!

We have now completed the first 3 weeks of our training program and so far, I am pretty happy with it. The program, which we have taken from, involves running three times a week and cross training for another two days.

As with most programs, there is a long run at the weekend which gradually increases in distance and should be completed at a steady pace. In the week, the plan includes an interval session and a tempo run. The tempo runs should be completed at your predicted or targeted half marathon pace (HMP) minus 15 seconds per mile. The intervals consist of a 20 minute jog, followed by between 3 and 6 intervals starting at 400m and progressing to 1600m at a much faster pace, with a 2 minute jog in between.

For me, the intervals have been the hardest, although this may have something to do with a slight mis-calculation on my part when it came to working out the speed I should be running at! Instead of running at 12.5 kph, I had been running at 13.8kph (on a treadmill!)…..ooops!

I have also struggled a little to get the pace up with the tempo runs, which have just been 3miles so far. I attribute this to going first thing in the morning before I’ve really woken up and without a decent warm-up! In order to train with the hubby in the mornings, an early start is necessary…, we’re gonna try an evening run and see if that helps!

So far the long runs have included a 4 mile run around our village, followed by 5 miles around Regents Park whilst in London the next weekend and then two 6 mile runs for the last two Sundays at home. I was especially pleased this week to finish the 6 miles 3 minutes faster than the week before – that’s 30s a mile faster on average! I think the intervals are really paying off!

I’m also pleased to report so far that I have no niggles or problems really. A little tightness in the glutes which I am trying to keep on top of with foam rolling and stretching to avoid a flare up of the Piriformis Syndrome I am prone to! Stretching the hip flexors more and doing lots of hip and glute strengthening also helps.

This week’s training sees an increase in all three sessions, to include 4x800m intervals; a 4 mile tempo run and a 7 mile long run at the weekend…..bring it on!


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